Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Summary - It's Sunday Again Already?

Who sped up time? Can't believe it's Sunday again already!

This week the cat quilts were delivered to the rescue in Albany NY by good cat loving friends. If you live in Albany these look like adorable adoptees!

                                     And the challenge quilt was shown and admired by my guild buddies.  I didn't win the drawing but that's ok, I have a great wallhanging to enjoy and the Fabricville contest is coming up soon!

I finished the quilt top for our massage therapist Nancy and was fortunate to have access to 3 large tables at the local seniors club so that I could get it basted along with another very special quilt for a very special birthday boy. The birthday boy doesn't read my blog so I can share a pic of his quilt which I managed to machine quilt in a day and the binding is on and almost finished. Should be completed tonight. It's a lap quilt so it went quickly

Now on to Nancy's quilt. It's a big one and I'd really like to get it done before Thursday.
I started quilting it today and it's going well so far. Here's a peek:We're going away for this coming weekend so I'll be shopping for new fabric for a commissioned quilt, a flowery queen size. It needs to be ready for Dec 31st so i better get my act together fast!.And I have an order for a baby quilt with monkeys! What quilter doesn't love fabric shopping! If you know of a line of monkey fabric in earth tones Id love to hear about it.

So, to summarize; we have happy cats, a birthday gift, free massages (I hope!) and new projects to get busy with.

Sounds like the beginning of another great week. Tell me about your projects. I'd love to hear them

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Summary November 17th

This was a a great week! Felt so productive compared to last week. I got four completed orders into the mail. I know that one already arrived in the UK. The others should arrive at their destinations shortly.

I also completed or worked on:

Two extra large (26 x 42 inch) cat quilts got finished with cozy flannel backings for a cat rescue in Albany NY. I liked them so much I posted a custom order listing on Etsy. They'd make great multi-cat quilts or back of the couch savers. Friends of ours have graciously offered to drop these off at the shelter on their way through NY state next week. Soon rescue kitties will be snuggling up on these cozy quilts! Warms my heart and hopefully theirs as well.

A Christmas cozy cat quilt got finished and posted on my Etsy site:

After all, kitties need Christmas gifts too! 

My quilt guild is having a Christmas Party tomorrow and with a pincushion exchange. I made this one that I found instructions for this over the arm of your chair pincushion (a bit hard to see, its better on the website), on Pinterest at this link:

And at the meeting tomorrow we'll have our Celtic Quilt Challenge. Remember this one that I got ready for September because I thought it was due then? 

                                                                                   I worked on this quilt for our massage therapist. She was looking for something for her massage table and I know she likes African music and themes. She has a humongous painting of zebras!

I hope to get it basted and under the needle for quilting next week. Maybe it'll be back as completed on next week's summary. Who knows.

And, best of all, I bought a new high speed sewing machine! A Babylock "Jane". I think Jane will help the coming week be even more productive! Once I get used to "her" I will post a review but so far she is fabulous!

Phew, now that was a great week!!! Hope yours was too. I'd love to hear about it.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My New Baby

If you read my blog you know I've been looking for a new machine. I looked at several and tried them out. They're all great and have plenty of neat options and beautiful embroidery stitches. Price range for a machine geared to quilting with my requirements (needle threader, thread cutter, knee lifter) varied from $1800  - $4500! And I'm sure there are more expensive ones too.

I mentioned to my dealer that I really only piece and free motion quilt and that a heavy duty machine would be a good choice for my needs. He showed me the Baby Lock Jane. Wow! 1500 stitches per minute. Straight and free motion sewing only. Needle threader, automatic tie off and cutter. Knee presser foot lifter and all feet included. And the price? Less than all the others.

Hmmm, my Bernina still works well enough for those occasions where I'll need zigzag or embroidery stitches....perfect!

I'm unpacking it this morning and will give it a spin today and tomorrow. I should have a review ready for my next Sunday Summary.

At 1500 stitches per minute, I should be able to rock and roll!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Summary

Just thought I might share some pics of what I made this past week.

I completed two custom orders for memorial pet quilts and a dog quilt for a client in the UK.

And got these awesome photos from a few of my satisfied cozy cat quilt customers:






I love getting these fantastic photos of cats enjoying the quilts I sell at

Thanks for having a look at my progress this week. I'd love to see what you've quilted.